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    Nicole Rivera is a professional makeup artist that encompasses all the qualities of an artist as well as educator.   Constantly perfecting her craft and learning about what makes products tick she has experience in many facets of the business.  From editorial, bridal, video, and lessons, as well as in store counter experience for major brands like MAC and Sephora.  She is a well rounded artist that combines her years of experience, expertise and natural talent to create beautiful results.


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    I truly love what I do and feel very humbled and blessed to be able to practice my art as a means to support myself.   I consistently stay current in terms of trend although I am confident executing any style of makeup and like to build on the natural beauty of the subject in front of me.  I am a mother, wife, teacher and an artist and I look forward to meeting you.

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  • Nicole V Rivera

    New York based makeup artist Nicole V. Rivera has loved makeup from a very young age. No matter what venture she has made professionally, life and circumstances have always brought her back to the makeup and beauty industry and here she is today freelancing and making connections with clients to bring out the confidence and enhance the beauty of those who sit in her chair.

    With an open and upbeat attitude she uses a variety of products and material to create eclectic styles. From a flawless skin, fresh look to edgy vamped up diva, all the way to artistic avante garde visions, there is nothing she will not achieve with her tools and creativity.

    As the creator of faceNV, she takes her craft very seriously and professionalism, hygiene and creative collaboration are key elements to any day on set, or at any event. Being primarily self-taught, she lets her wise creativity guide her and keeps the delicate balance between intuition and client need in order to create the final product. She is a lover of art and draws inspiration from people and her environment. When working with her you can expect over 100% dedication and creative ways to achieve whatever look you have in mind.